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Foot mask comfort

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Foot Mask Comfort with AHAs 250 g


Beautiful and well-cared-for feet not only provide comfort but also give you the confidence to feel at ease, regardless of the situation.

Foot Mask Exfoliating AHAs is a product intended for dry and damaged feet. Its composition is based on AHAs, a special group of organic acids that stimulate the cell regeneration and smooth out the skin. Thanks to their properties, they improve the moisturization level of the horny layer, positively affecting the appearance and elasticity of the epidermis. The mask strongly exfoliates calluses and prevents their renewal. It makes feet well-cared-for, soft to the touch and velvety smooth. Using our foot mask is a pure pleasure thanks to the unique combination of two fragrances – bergamot and verbena. 

Active ingredients:

  • AHAs – a group of alpha hydroxyl acids that, when used regularly, reduce discolorations and skin lesions as well as moisturize and improve elasticity;
  • almond oil – exhibits very good moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It is recommended for dry and irritated skin;
  • vitamin E – has anti-aging and antioxidant action, as well as sooths irritations.

Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of cream on thoroughly cleansed and dry feet. Apply greater amount of mask on heels, calluses and corns. Allow to absorb for at least 15 minutes. Remove residues of the cosmetic product. For better effect, use with cotton or foil socks.

Warning: Do not apply on damaged or irritated skin.  


Foot mask comfort