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Italian Design's CURLISSIMO is the electric brush you need to add volume to your dull, shapeless hair. Add body and movement from root to tip, shape carefree waves or straighten strong, voluminous hair easily and effortlessly.
Its anti-frizz technology takes maximum care of your hair and makes gliding smooth and fast with a professional finish.

It has a ceramic body 28mm in diameter and 126mm long with 10mm anti-tangle pins, it heats up ultra-fast to 185ºC.

Lightweight and safe, its ergonomic handle is easy to hold, its tip is cool-touch so you can grab it and make the hairstyle you imagine, it also has a base so you can rest it on any surface safely.
Enjoy your hairstyle all day long.

It has a LED power indicator light, overheat protection, 1.8m cable with 360º rotation and a hook for hanging.
It is always used on dry hair.

Its power is 35W and its voltage and frequency are universal.
European plug.
Low consumption.


How to use

Plug the appliance into the mains. Turn the switch to the ON position, the red LED light will indicate that the curling iron is on. Mould the hair according to the result you want to achieve. Separate the hair and wind the hair strand by strand around the curling iron holding it for a few seconds, pull out the strand taking care not to deform it.
Once you have finished using the appliance, turn the switch to the OFF position and unplug it from the mains.